Rachel Kelly in Print Studio

Interactive Wallpaper is the creation and business of Rachel Kelly; Printed Textile Designer, Maker, Artist and Senior Lecturer at Manchester School of Art.

Rachel established her award winning design company Interactive Wallpaper™in 2003 which makes and sells online, interactive wall coverings, wall stickers and textiles. Rachel exhibits and sells work internationally and has work collected within museum collections such as the Victoria and Albert Museum and Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester.

Rachel teaches through workshops and as a senior lecturer on the Textiles in Practice Programme at Manchester School of Art. Rachel Kelly MMU Profile Her current research and work is directed within the field of practice led research into textile innovation with particular interest in new materials and technologies. Rachel has always championed a rationale of interactivity and fun in her work through a creative engagement with the customer/student/gallery/client. Each installation or design Rachel works on captures a moment in time, a gesture or an idea, with no two outcomes ever being the same.

Rachel is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and you can visit her Academic Blog here: https://rachelkellyacademicportfolio.wordpress.com/

This blog is written to document the outcomes and process of the work of Rachel Kelly and Interactive Wallpaper.


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