W is for Wallpaper at Ruthin Craft Centre Opens this weekend

I will be exhibiting my new ‘Kyoto’ cut-out wallpaper at the Ruthin Craft Centre in W is for Wallpaper : The best in contemporary wallpaper design from 25 September till 22 November. It looks to be a fantastic exhibition with some wonderful wallpapers.

Kyoto Wallpaper length web

Kyoto Wallpaper Details:

Kyoto wallpaper can be applied to any surface as a wall paper or as a cut-out paper sticker; the paper backing has a pre-applied non-toxic water release adhesive .

The wallpaper comprises a dyed, silkscreen printed and laser cut paper base.

“I am interested in how removing material creates negative shapes, reflecting how old wallpapers can be peeled and revealed to create new patterns”.

Kyoto Wallpaper Detail Web

Wallpaper dimensions 900mm x 4000mm

Kyoto dyed paper detail web

Kyoto Wallpaper features intricately cut out patterns.

Kyoto close up overlay crop web

The paper can be laid over existing wall papers to create new patterns.

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